Pelatihan Web Prodi Univ Amikom

22 Apr 2017

Pada tanggal sekian sekian, telah diselenggarakan Pelatihan Web untuk masing-masing PRogam Studi.


Pelatihan PRodi

  • Mandatory fields – Certain fields and documents are mandatory to certain business types only. Please ensure that all fields mandatory to your business type which are marked as “Mandatory Field” have been completed and if a field is not applicable to your business type, clearly mark it as N/A.
  • Required documentation – Please refer to the attached table (Following page) to determine the mandatory supporting documentation required for your business type. Please ensure that all copies of Mandatory documents (certified copies where applicable) are attached.
  • Completion of questions – Clearly state Yes, No or N/A to questions asked. Do not leave any Mandatory fields blank.
  • Certified Documents – Please ensure that a Commissioner of Oaths has certified your Company Registration document and Proof of Shareholding Certificates. The stamp of certification should be on the front of the document.
  • Copies of Documents - Please keep copies of the registration form and all supporting documentation submitted for your own records and to ensure that all data is maintained and up to date on a continual basis.
  • Owners, Shareholders and Partners – Please ensure that the percentage of ownership calculated up to 100% and that a field is completed for each of the business owners.
  • Certification of Correctness – Please ensure that the Certification of Correctness is signed and dated once all required documents and information have been submitted.

Collection points – Completed registration forms and supporting documentation can be delivered to the address on the registration form


  1. Do you render service to TUT through a Company, Close Corporation or Trust? Yes No
  2. Are you an Independent Contractor?                                                                           Yes  No
  3. Are you a Labour Broker? Yes No

  (If yes = taxable unless IRP30 certificate is received. If no, see next questions)

  1. Are the services personally rendered by a person who is a connected person Yes No

    (shareholder, member, trustee, beneficiary, relative of the afore-mentioned, etc.)

    in relation to the Company/Close Corporation or Trust?

   (If yes, see question 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. If no = not subjected to employees tax)                                                     

  1. Does the entity employ four or more employees. (other than shareholders, members Yes No

   or connected persons) who are on a full-time basis engaged in the business of

   rendering services to clients?

  (This implies that the tea lady and gardener would not be considered in determining

the full-time staff members rendering services to clients).       

  1. Would the person who is rendering the services be regarded as an “employee” of TUT? Yes No  
  2. Is the person who is rendering the service subject to control or supervision of TUT Yes No

    as to the manner in which duties are performed or as hours of work?               

  1. Do the amounts paid in respect of services rendered include earnings that are Yes No

    payable at regular, daily, weekly, monthly or other intervals? (This is normally on

    the basis that you charge your client for the person in question’s salary plus

    commission for your service?